Client’s Guide

Contacting Us By Telephone

We do not route calls through a receptionist or other staff member. Each of our professionals has a published direct dial number which rings on his or her desk. Professionals each have separate direct fax numbers. Faxes are automatically received in PDF format via e-mail at each desk and faxes may also be sent from each desk. Telephone calls to our main office line (619.685.4000) require the caller to enter an extension. There is an automated extension directory.

Upon connecting with any of our lines your will hear a brief announcement which includes the “Miranda” warning required as to all oral communications with consumer debtors under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Although our firm does not handle routine consumer collection cases, we occasionally collect debts or handle foreclosures which may arguably come within the purview of the Act. Any announcement on our phone system may be bypassed by pressing #

Client Service

In addition to providing for direct, immediate personal contact with professionals, our phone and fax system enhances service to clients by allowing us to make seven-way conference calls without the use of a conference service, forward faxes to clients and others immediately by e-mail, and forward voice mail to clients for listening at their computer. Unlike most other law firms, Kirby & McGuinn does not bill clients for ordinary long distance charges or fax transmissions as an expense.


Elaine L. Chan 619.398.3360
Kimberley V. Deede 619.398.3365
Dean T. Kirby, Jr. 619.525.1652
Jana Logan 619.398.3354
Martin T. McGuinn 619.525.1659
Roberta S. Robinson 619.398.3358
Cheryl Edwards Tannenberg 619.525.1655


Roxann Jaggi 619.398.3372
Jennifer Peters 619.398.3362
Jacquelyn Wilson 619.398.3368
Tina Wright 619.398.3356

Firm Administrator

John Hebert 619.398.3370