Client’s Guide

Visiting Our Office

Our office is on the 17th floor of the Chase building. A detached, above-ground parking structure is located immediately south of the building. Entrances are on 7th and 8th Avenues between Broadway and E Street.  We validate parking for our clients and for those visiting for an initial consultation.


When entering our lobby you will meet our invention – an electronic receptionist in the form of a touchscreen. Just touch the name of the person you wish to see. When the telephone next to the screen rings, pick it up! You will hear a greeting and the person you wish to see will usually answer the phone. If the line is busy, other phones will ring and you will be greeted.


Prospective clients are asked to fill out an Information Sheet before any consultation begins. This provides information as to how we can contact you in the future on a confidential basis. It also insures that no one provides confidential information in a case in which the firm has a conflict of interest. The firm does not charge for initial consultations, which are limited to about one hour.


Kirby & McGuinn is a wireless hotspot so that visitors may access the internet on laptop computers. Our conference room is also equipped with an ethernet connection straight to our T1 line, bypassing our network. Audio and video conference facilities are available.

Our offices are located on the 17th floor of the Chase Building in downtown San Diego:

707 Broadway, Suite 1750
San Diego, CA 92101