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Commercial Collection & Creditor Rights

Our attorneys have:

  • Prosecuted replevin actions, obtaining a writ of possession to recover personal property collateral.
  • Assisted clients in foreclosing deeds of trust, judicially and non-judicially.
  • Conducted personal property foreclosures under the Uniform Commercial Code, disposing of personal property collateral at public and private sales.
  • Obtained the appointment of receivers, both prejudgment and for purposes of judgment enforcement.
  • Given programs and seminars on compliance with consumer protection statutes such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act.
  • Represented court-appointed receivers as their attorney.
  • Obtained prejudgment writs of attachment.
  • Represented claimants under the Perishable Agricultural Communities Act (“PACA”).
  • Collected all types of commercial claims, including commissions, finder’s fees, royalties, commercial lease and installment sale deficiencies, professional fees, and promissory notes.
  • Domesticated and enforced foreign and sister state judgments.
  • Performed levies of execution and garnishments.
  • Successfully pursued collateral located in Mexico.
  • Represented Mexican clients in cross-border litigation.
  • Prosecuted and defended claims under the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act.

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Commercial Collection & Creditor Rights