Practice Areas

Lending & Commercial Transactions

Our attorneys have:

  • Documented and closed loans secured by real and personal property.
  • Prepared notes, loan agreements, deeds of trust, guarantees (including non-recourse and “carveout” guarantees), environmental indemnity agreements, borrower certifications, closing instructions, and many other types of loan documents.
  • Counseled lenders on compliance with California usury laws.
  • Lectured on drafting and enforcement issues under the Uniform Commercial Code.
  • Documented and perfected security interests in special collateral such as fixtures, intellectual property, notes and other instruments, LLC membership interests, and deposit accounts.
  • Prepared and reviewed form commercial contracts, invoices, and shipping documents.
  • Lectured on compliance with California and federal laws prohibiting “predatory lending.”
  • Issued opinion letters as borrower’s counsel and lender’s counsel.
  • Advised on “bankruptcy proofing” settlement agreements.

Attorneys Specializing in Lending & Commercial Transactions

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